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Traditional Spoon Carving Workshop - 1 Day Intensive


Workshops are geared towards hands-on learning and how to implement design ideas, exploring carving techniques, and improving your overall hand skills.  

The workshop atmosphere is layback with part demonstration with time to practice instruction.  A majority of the time is focused on hands-on learning in the sloyd tradition.  You'll be instructed on carving techniques and be mentored through the process.  Class sizes are small to maximize learning.   A written workbook is provided for you to take home to remember the finder points of the class.  

Because this is a workshop using hand-tools, it is recommended that you have good hand, wrist, and forearm strength to complete the project.  I do require that you are at least 18-years of age to participate.  You'll leave the workshop with a partially finished utensil, and the knowledge and confidence to improve your overall woodworking skills for the future. 

LENGTH: 1-DAY / 10:00am to 5:00pm (45-min lunch break)
LOCATION: Brunswick, Maine
LUNCH: Be prepared to bring your own lunch, snack, and drink to class
SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner to Intermediate +
REQUIREMENTS:  18 Years old or older. Recommended that each student have good hand, forearm, and wrist strength to complete the class project. Please no open toed shoes.
MATERIALS: Materials are provided 
TOOLS: Hand tools are provided (You may bring your own tools, but it's not required)

WORKSHOP DATES will be posted February 2020

Saturday -April TBD, 2020

Saturday -May TBD, 2020

Saturday -June TBD, 2020

Saturday -July TBD, 2020

Saturday -August TBD, 2020

Traditional Spoon Carving - 1 Day Intensive Workshop

This workshop is geared towards making a spoon by using traditional tools and methods alone. You will learn about and practice with various tools used in spoon making. 

Class Dates:
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Workshop Details

This is a green-wood workshop where you will be splitting wet-wood logs to blank size and shaping with axe, knife, and saw. It is recommended that you have good hand, wrist, and forearm strength to complete the class project and to practice the skills learned during the workshop. 

This 1-day intensive workshop covers 3-days worth of material and is focused on the techniques of carving with axe, hook knife, and fixed blade knife.

You will learn (and or) practice:
-Cover axe, knife, and general woodworking safety
-Using assorted hand tools to make a spoon
-Splitting a green-wood log with froe and shape with axe to spoon blank
-Discuss green-wood vs. dry-wood
-Practice axe carving techniques with Gransfor Burk Carvers Axe
-Practice (8) common hand-grip techniques with knife, and hook knife 
-Discuss the Sloyd tradition and history. Discuss the Lovespoon and history.
-Identify wood grain, direction, and understand fiber-to-form
-Design a spoon using the template method and discuss other design methods
-Explore utensil functionality

-Discuss drying techniques
-Learn basic sharpening techniques for knife, and hook knife
-Discuss finishing and color of wood

You will learn different hold-down techniques working from either a shop bench or a spoon-mule. Each student will be provided with their own modern spoon-mule and chopping block.

About the Instructor

Jason Weymouth.jpg

Jason is a self-taught spoon maker and a seasoned woodworker who lives in Brunswick, Maine.  He has spent several years perfecting his skills in spoon making and woodcarving.  He has been featured on Channel 8 WMTW "Made in Maine" and he's work has appeared in America's Test Kitchen newsletter "ATK Handmade".  His work has been commissioned by Gelato Fiasco of Brunswick, Maine and The Wild Blueberry Association.  He currently runs a full-production shop and has expanded his offerings to include custom furniture.  He has turned bowls, from the rustic, to the modern, and his kitchen utensils have been on display in galleries around the world with much of his work being offered for sale at many retail locations across the United States.  His unique style of spoons captures your imagination and makes the ordinary kitchen utensil into beautiful functional art.