Carved Wooden Spoons

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Keeping "Country" In The Arts and Crafts Style

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In an effort to keep my new spoon creations consistent from one to the next, I'll be employing a new design that is my signature style. This style comes from the early Arts & Crafts era and is reminiscent of a simpler time in the furniture movement of the 1970's. You may notice this style has several unique features.  Rounded over ends and back along with curved angles and curved handle. You’ll notice the prominent contrasting wood plug that brings to mind fine joinery and the hiding of screw heads in furniture making.  Although this plug doesn't hide anything and is purely cosmetic without any functionality, but it does serve as a reminder of this technique used by so many woodworkers.

I use the country style server style to expand into a new realm.  A spoon that has softer curved handle, contrasting wood...because I love this look, and same serving capacity as the country style server.  What a joy to create and experiment. I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I have! Bon Appétit !!

NEW Spoons and NEW Spatulas?

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I've been busy with order from all over the United States and overseas this month.  Recently, I've had time to come up with another ambitious new product schedule for this year.  Below are just a few new items that have already been released on my website and in my Etsy Shop.  My ambition is to have 1 new products every other week...well, we'll see how that goes.  If you have any ideas or designs you'd like to see drop me a note. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Spoon Mule 2.0

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In 2019, I'll be using my newly designed Spoon Mule 2.0 for classes in traditional spoon carving.  The spoon mule has a lot of different features over a traditional mule.  The internal wooden vice allows for easy grip of material top-side.  The large head and quad-legs are superior for stability when carving outdoors.  I prefer a larger seat with rounded edges.  Plus, the Spoon Mule 2.0 has an attachable chopping block.  If you are interested in taking a spoon carving workshop visit my workshop page for current class schedule. 

Learn Traditional Spoon Carving Workshop - 1 Day Intensive

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2019 Workshop Instagram.jpg

Join me for a very exciting 1-day spoon carving workshop. This class will cover lots of traditional hand tool techniques and discuss design concepts.  This is a hands-on "green-wood" class workshop where you will cut and shape from freshly cut birch, or maple, to form an everyday cooking or eating spoon. The workshops do fill up fast so register early! These classes are all hands-on using traditional hand tools. You will come away with confidence in creating wooden utensils for friends and family.